Standing Desk – Part 3

I finished up the standing desk this weekend. It’s set up in my office, ready to go for the new year.

I built the bottom box and mounted it to the vertical rail using some pieces of angle iron I cut and drilled. I could have painted the metal black, but they are hidden, so I decided not to worry about it.

The top of this box will hold the docking station, power-strip and other electronic items. I will get a couple of baskets or make boxes to set on the lower shelf. These will hold recycled paper and maybe a few books.

I sealed both the bottom box and the keyboard shelf with water-based, matte Polycrylic. I think they turned out well – rustic but smooth to the touch.


I bought a 24″ monitor, actually a 1080 resolution Vizio TV, for $140. I’m glad I didn’t go any larger – it would have been uncomfortable to look at. This size seems to be the best aspect ratio for me, where I’ll be about 18″ to 20″ from the monitor.

I like the cable management slot in the back of the vertical rail. It keeps everything clean looking.


I have everything set up to some basic ergonomic specs I found online. The keyboard sits at just below elbow height, and the top of the monitor is at the same level as my eyes.

I’ll start using it this week after vacation is over. I plan on getting a stool, but I don’t plan on using it too often since it would defeat the purpose of a standing desk.  I’m also going to make a block for the floor to rest a foot on, which really helps with keeping my feet from getting tired.

Time and Money

I have about $20 in this total, not counting the monitor. $15 for the metal stand (Goodwill), some extra mounting bolts, and finishing materials.

Total construction time was about 8 hours. It’s actually a very simple design, with no complicated woodworking. I think this would be a good beginner project.


I’ll do a final post once I’ve used it for a month or two. I assume I’ll make small adjustments and additions as I spend time working at the desk.


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