Beach House Pantry

image-2017-02-19-2578I’ve been working on the basement of the beach house over the winter. Since the stairs connect to the basement, I decided to include those as well – and since the pantry connects to the stairs…

Even though it took 3 weekends, I’m putting it all together in one post. Here is the “before” picture.

It’s a pretty basic little space, just off the stairs between the kitchen and the basement. The chimney originally served a wood stove in the kitchen. Now there’s a metal flue liner in it from the basement furnace, so it just acts as a chase way and doesn’t get hot.

The storage was a few shelves to hold larger packages and cleaning supplies. In a vacation house of this size, it provides plenty of space. The main reason for “remodeling” this space was to get heating ducts, a cold air return, and central vacuum line from the basement to the upstairs. With the floorplan, this was the only option. Here’s the layout:


I tore out the shelves, carpet, and ceiling. It’s about the simplest demo I’ve done, taking about an hour.

The first thing I did was create a plenum for the air return. I put a box on the ceiling, blocked it in and air sealed it. When I remodel the upstairs, I’ll cut through the floor and continue it on up. This box will define the top of the cabinet for the new shelves so it won’t be noticeable.

I extended the plenum along the back wall and connected it to the cold air return in the basement. I caulked all the connections between the pieces of plywood with construction adhesive.


I knocked out a bit of sheetrock to run the heating duct and the central vacuum line. I didn’t do a very clean job on it, but it was getting covered up with paneling anyway. Normally, I would tear it all out, but I needed the wall to be 4 inches thick under the new paneling to accommodate the duct.


When I put the tongue and groove wood in, I used construction adhesive to attached it to the sheetrock and stabilize everything. I also screwed the sheetrock to the framing wherever I could. Not my best work, but it was all covered up and solid. I added a few hooks to hang stuff up.


I covered over the cold air return with vertical wood and installed new shelving. I had just a little bit of the shiplap left over from the kitchen and bathrooms that I wanted to use up, and I like the contrast.

I still need to paint and put flooring in, but I’ll do that along with the basement and the stairwell. So for now, we will just move things back in.

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