Attic Upgrade Part 2 – Eave Vents

As part of insulating the attic, I am going to add more venting both under the eaves and at the ridge of the roof. The eave venting I have is nice and large, but there’s not enough of it. I have these size vents in between every third truss. When I add up all the space, it gives me about 80% of the current code requirement.

Image 2017-03-27 - 2744

Venting does two things, it drops the temperature in the summer, and helps keep moisture down in the winter. I might as well take advantage of it.

In my last post I detailed how I put baffles all along the roof on the inside, and I plan to match those with new vents where there aren’t any. I will end up adding about 30 of them, which will put my venting area at 200% of code requirements. In my mind, code isn’t the best you should do, but rather the minimum acceptable practice.

I came up with a simple design to add vents…

I took metal screening and doubled it up twice to make it rigid, then I cut wood cover pieces out of 3/16″ plywood.

These will go together to make new covers.

Image 2017-03-27 - 2739

I painted them the same color as the current blocking so they would blend in – and I wouldn’t have to paint them in place. I’ll staple them in place, and I don’t think I’ll need to touch them up.

Image 2017-03-27 - 2740

Here’s my plan to install them and how they will compare to existing vents:

Image 2017-03-27 - 2745

They will be a bit different, but up under the eaves, I think they’ll hardly be noticeable.

I’ve watched a number of online videos showing how people attempted this, and most of them either drilled large holes with a hole saw, or they took the block out altogether and put in a large amount of screen. Both methods took quite amount of time and effort. I think running a skill saw across the block and drilling a few smaller holes will go much faster.

I want to work out the process so I only need to go up the ladder once with each vent. All the climbing wears me out much more than the work itself.

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