Image 2016-08-16 - 1990Building Material Resources and Recycling Inc.

My favorite place to buy lumber, building materials and salvage items. Located in Sherwood, Oregon – only 3 miles from my house! If you live near Portland, it’s worth the trip to see what they have.

Image 2016-08-16 - 1991 Big Sky Tool

They specialize in reconditioned Hitachi tools. Great prices and service. Their sales specials are typically less than half of retail prices.

Image 2016-08-16 - 1992 Cripe Distributing

I like their supplies for woodworkers: Saw blades, sandpaper, brushes, bits – all at much less than retail.

Image 2016-08-16 - 1993Building Materials Bargain Center

Located in Salem, Oregon, they are the best source for plywood I’ve found. Good quality at very good prices. They have a lot cabinets and cabinet hardware as well.

Rickreall Bargen Center

This place is a little out of the way in Rickreall (mid Willamette valley on Hwy 99), but I think worth the trip. It’s a small lumber and materials dealer, that sells a lot of items by the unit or pallet. He usually has listings on Craigslist. I’ve found great deals there on paving stones, plywood and PT lumber.

My motivation for listing these resources

I actually use all the resources listed here, and I don’t receive any compensation from any of them. I recommend them because I like them. If I can direct business their way, it helps ensure they will be there in the future.

My criteria is simple:

  • Good prices
  • Good quality for what I pay
  • Good service

None of these businesses are full-service sellers, and their stock can change without notice. I’m happy to work with that, given what they do sell is such a good bargain.